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Product Recommendation – Emerald Balance Plus (Chocolate Superfood Drink)

Emerald Balance Plus is marketed as the best tasting chocolate superfood drink on earth and they are not kidding! Seriously, this stuff is delicious!

Chocolate Emerald Balance Plus
The Best Chocolate Super food Drink on Earth!

If you like dark chocolate, you’ll love Emerald Balance Plus, this multivitamin nutritional supplement drink mix provides you with your daily required:
• Antioxidants
• Immune Supporting Nutrient Dense Superfoods
• Heart Healthy Omega 3’s (microencapsulated)
• Plus Microencapsulated Vitamins A, B’s, C, D, and E and a balanced dose of the Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc & Iron.
• And the Added Protection of your daily dose of Chocolate

So, enough with the hype. Even if it does taste great, why should you really bother with superfoods?

First and foremost, individuals who regularly consume superfoods have an easier time losing weight and keeping it off than those that don’t.

I know that when I am drinking my superfood drinks, whether it’s Emerald Balance, Emerald Balance Plus, or Perfect Food, I am less hungry throughout the day, I retain less water, and I am less likely to be plugged up (if you get my meaning)! On nights that Michael and I are having dinner parties (and therefore drinking lots of wine) I drink 12 ounces of Perfect Food before and after; these two simple steps have pretty much eliminated the post-alcohol bloating and weight gain! Additionally, my entire weight release effort has seemed fairly effortless once I started drinking green stuff (and now chocolate green stuff) on a regular basis – that is, twice a day.

Why are superfoods and green stuff so great?

I have less information about the chocolate versions, given chocolate’s only recent elevation to the category of superfood, but according to Robert and Shelley Young, the authors of The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, as well as several other best selling books touting the power of maintaining an alkaline diet, “stirring some ‘green powder’ into good water will help you maintain a highly alkaline diet like nothing else” (p. 135).

From their perspective, it’s not the calories that are making us, as American’s fat, it’s the acid. And in order to combat this, we must maintain an alkaline system.

The body retains fat as a protection against the over production of acids produced by the typical American diet. Some of these acids are eliminated through the bowels, urinary tract, and skin, but whatever is left must be buffered or neutralized. Excess acid in the body starts to break down cells in your tissues and organs – pretty much the same way that acidic steak sauces tenderize meat. Cell breakdown sends the body into self-preservation mode; it used dietary and body fat in the desperate attempt to protect itself, no matter what the costs. Fat can bind up acids and sometimes escort them out of the body. But fat is used primarily as a way to sore those acids. Ask any plastic surgeon: The fat they liposuction out of their patients is brown and black because of all the acid it contains (p. 14).


So, how do you alkalize your body – that is, how do you make it less acidic?

Well, in addition to eating lots of fresh low sugar fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, the easiest way is to drink green stuff (which is surprisingly pretty darned tasty in its own right) or, if you can’t do the color, the aforementioned delicious dark chocolate stuff which is available much more cheaply at,, or Vitamin Shoppe.

Seriously, go try it.

Start with the chocolate stuff and then transition to the green once your body becomes more alkaline.

I guarantee you’ll be surprised not only by the taste, but also by the ease with which you’ll shed unwanted pounds and gain extra energy!

Hint: if you’re already drinking soy shakes at any time during the day, just throw a serving in your blender. I tossed some in with my morning spiru-tein shake and it was awesome!

Super Foods

In addition to the daily breathing and guiding my thoughts to focus on my successes rather than my failures, I have also started consuming the so-called Super Foods. In the morning, I drink a shot glass full of Acai Juice Cocktail that also contains the juice from pomegranates and blueberries. It’s a really strong, juicy drink, full of antioxidants.

Then, in the afternoon, I usually mix 2 Tablespoons of Super Food (either all greens or, sometimes, greens and berry) in cold water. I am currently using Garden of Life’s Perfect Food or, better yet, their Perfect Food Berry. Again, I find that in addition to the reported health benefits of consuming wheat and/or barley grass, a glass of Perfect Food helps to stave off cravings between meals.

When I was dieting before, I never used supplements. Vitamins, yes; but supplements, no. I always figured that if I was eating healthily, I could get the nutrients that I need.

I actually do think I get the nutrients that I need from my diet. However, the additional supplements make it easier to not over eat. They also shift my cravings away from junk food towards fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only do I get the benefits of more antioxidant rich foods in my diet (which have been linked to all sorts of bodily processes) I also get an amazingly effective appetite suppressant.

Today I was sitting in a talk with my bottle of cold water and Perfect Food; if you haven’t seen this stuff, it comes out bright green. Truly, it looks disgusting.

My colleague says, “What’s in the bottle?”

And I tell her.

“So, what does that taste like?” she all but sneers, “Grass?”

I’m not going to lie, the first time I tried it, it was ugly. In addition to thinking that it did, indeed, taste like grass, I just couldn’t stand the color. Because I was committed to incorporating it into my diet, I began mixing it it in an old Udo’s 3-6-9 jar, which just happens to be made from dark brown glass. I couldn’t handle the green, so putting it in a brown jar that hid the color and allowed me to really shake it up for better mixing was, literally, just what the doctor ordered. Even with the color sorted out, I still didn’t like the taste. However, by the time day three rolled around, I thought it tasted great! In fact, I was craving it. The thing about Perfect Food (and other similar brands) is that it changes the chemistry of your body from being essentially acidic to alkaline (or non-acidic). Trust me, there are several reasons why you want an alkaline system, not the least is the fact that it makes you crave alkalizing foods and makes highly acidic food, such as wine, largely unappealing! Additionally, it encourages your body to stop storing excess fat — always a plus!

Anyway, I know people who wouldn’t touch wheatgrass or barley grass with a ten foot pole! But I remember taking my first sip of red wine — or coffee for that matter — and both were 10 times more unpleasant on first pass then my Perfect Food stuff (especially once I could no longer see it)! But eventually, I kept drinking the wine and the coffee until they began to taste better and it was finally safe to say that they were two of my favorite beverages.

Did my tastes just become more mature? Maybe. Or was it that my system grew increasingly acidic and began to crave other (or more) highly acidic things. Most likely.

Look over the list of alkaline and acid food and see which side best describes the current state of the diet. If the majority of your food is highly acidic, I highly recommend making more alkaline choices and finding a nice brown bottle with a lid that closes. I swear, after the third try, you’ll love it! And chances are you’ll feel better not only physically, but also about the choices that you’re making about food!

p.s. My first introduction to wheatgrass/barley grass was Odwalla’s Super Food. It’s also green, but somehow extremely palatable. It’s also widely available and it a great thing to have in airports when you’re traveling! I admit, it is expensive, but, then again, most everything when you’re traveling is. The only reason I don’t drink it at home on a regular basis is the calories.