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Dissent of the Day (Title borrowed from Andrew Sullivan)

In response to my previous link: Family Insights: It’s Not Enough to Want It, a reader writes:

“It’s easy to judge people when you’re on top of your game.  I hope none of the people you reference in this blog ever reads it.  Things aren’t always so black and white.”

Ouch. But totally true.

I was not trying to be judgmental; I was just noticing differences in people and their orientations towards weight. I do know people who simply don’t care (and, in many ways, they seem happier than those of us who do). I also, however, know people who care but who don’t do anything about it (and they, in many ways, seem the least happy). I also know people, family members included, who are unhappy with their weight, yet have real physical limitations that prevent them from achieving their goals. I also, however, know several people, again, family members included, who have mental blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals. Or time commitments. I also know people — myself, included — who are compulsive (maybe to a ridiculous degree) about food and exercise and therefore have made calorie counting and exercise as an important part of their lives as going to work, paying bills, or cleaning the cat box.

Part of the question — for me — is why do some people care about their weight and others not? Why do some people who care do nothing, while others at least attempt to do something?

The point that I was trying to make (to myself and to whoever that might be reading) is that if you want something — anything, whether it’s related to weight or not — you have to 1) have a clear and specific goal, 2) have a compelling reason and 3) take massive and sustained action.

I’d also like to note that I don’t consider myself to be at the top of my game. I have crap days like everyone else. I eat junk, I stress eat, and I’d love to be able to run five miles or do a single pull up. The reason I started this blog was to chronicle my ups and downs and to share my thoughts and reflections on weight, fitness, and maintenance with other people who are doing the same. It was also to keep me honest and to remind myself of what I know is true.

I apologize if my previous post was offensive. The anecdote about my cousin was only used as a set up for something that I think is absolutely essential for meeting goals, whatever they may be. It was a reminder to myself as much as it was for anyone else.