Either way, it’s just a number

I continue my new found relationship with my calorie counter and my scale.

Yesterday: another 45 minutes of cardio before breakfast and coming in about 800 calories below my allotted daily budget.

This morning, I got up, peed and then stepped on the scale: down .4 pounds.

A traitorous feeling of joy leapt through me.

And then I thought: Wait a minute. If the 1.8 pound weigh gain was not you, then this is not you either. You don’t get to discount the bad and claim the good (though, as a social psychologist, I know that’s how most people hang).

So, I looked down at the number, stepped off the scale and put it into my calorie tracker, to the following notification: You’ll reach your goal of losing 28.2 lbs. on Dec 11, 2012.

One can only hope.

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