Resistance is what you make it

I was on the phone with a friend of mine who was telling me that she loves yoga. She loves everything about it: the clothes, the way it makes her feel, the music…. She just can’t get herself to go to class.

My ears perk up: “Try YogaGlo!” And then I go into the long laundry list of reasons why I think YogaGlo is the best thing since GT’s Multigreen Kombucha.

When I stop to take a breath, she says, “You’re way more committed to working out at home than I am. There’s just so much resistance to working out at home. It’s too hard.”


“Wait a minute,” I say. “If I had to go to a class to do yoga, I’d never go, whereas I do yoga at home almost twice a day.”

And here’s why.

When you work out at a class you have to:

1) Get dressed (either in your yoga clothes or get all of your stuff together to change there; if it’s the latter, insert a step between 8 & 9 to change clothes dressed and somewhere around 14-16 to change back into your street clothes).
2) Go outside.
3) Get in your car (because there is not a studio anywhere near my house [or hers for that matter]).
4) Drive for 20 minutes.
5) Find a parking spot.
6) Walk inside.
7) Check in at the front desk.
8) Go put your stuff somewhere.
9) Find the class (which is only offered at a particular time a day or day per week).
10) Pick your spot.
11) Go get your props.
12) Do your class.
13) Put away your props.
14) Go get your stuff (now you may need to change or shower or what have you, so number accordingly).
15) Walk to the car.
16) Drive to wherever you’re going next.

Now, here’s what I do:

1) I turn the alarm off and roll out of bed.
2) If I slept in pajamas, I go downstairs, pee and get a drink (though if I slept naked, I get dressed first).
3) Grab the props.
4) Turn on the iPad (or maybe even the Apple TV if I’m feeling particularly ambitious).
5) Hit the icon on my desktop for YogaGlo.
6) Pick my class (which, to tell you the truth, is often the most challenging part).
7) Take a deep breath.
8) Following savasana, I grab a fleece and make a smoothie.

It was just really funny to me that she thought that my routine was so much more challenging (or caused so much more resistance) than hers.

But since she wasn’t following through with hers either, I convinced her to at least try mine for a while. And maybe I really will do that local Bikram class this winter – goodness knows that in this neck of the woods, the heat should feel pretty darned good.

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