A smoothie by any other name….

I am going to spend the weekend in a small town in New Hampshire to get my Reiki I adjustment. I’m spending the night at a local B&B.

Because I tend to have very weird – by most people’s standards – requirements for breakfast, I decided to email the innkeeper to let her know that I don’t do wheat or dairy (sob!) and that I’d be good to go if I could just bring a blender and make a smoothie in her kitchen.

Her very gracious reply:

Yes, I do serve breakfast and I do have a blender. I buy fruit for the weekend. Do you want me to purchase something special for the smoothie? Bananas, strawberries, pineapple? or something gluten free – we have a good range of products up here.

Hmm… Fruit in a smoothie. What a novel idea. Unfortunately, my body responds to sugar (including the natural fruits a normal smoothie drinker might actually put in a smoothie, as if were crack.

I write back:

Some spinach, maybe. Or some romaine.

Her prompt response:

You got it!

You know, I tend to be shy about asking for what I need in certain situations. I’m perfectly fine to give a waiter a run for their money (in the most polite way possible) in order to get my needs met, but somehow I had always held back when it came to B&B’s. But I guess what they say – whomever they may actually be – ask and you shall receive.

It’s shaping up to be a lovely weekend!

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