“I Love Your Blog!” Blog? What Blog?

I was out to dinner last night with Michael and Don – Don will be marrying us in 9 days, so we figured we should get together and hash out of the remaining details. As we were waiting for our table, I man grabbed me by the waist and scooted by. As he did so, he whispered in my ear, “I LOVE your blog.”

I was like, “What?! What blog?” And then I remembered, that yes indeed, I do have a blog. And despite my serious lack of attention to it, I love it too.

When I first started writing, I had something to say everyday, if not twice a day. Losing weight was literally at the fore-front of my mind. I wouldn’t say that I was obsessed, but I was overly interested. Something’s changed. I’m not sure what or why. I’m not sure if it’s the thousands of dollars that I have pumped into self-development, or the fact that my job responsibilities have grown almost exponentially. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve done so many cleanses that require so many different food choices that I have lessened my attachment to any particular thing or style. I’m not sure if it’s the cultured vegetables that I eat three times a day, which to tell you the truth, are the best cure for food cravings that I’ve ever come across. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I have given up punishing cardio (though I still take an almost sick amount of pleasure in counting calories) in favor of daily yoga and hoop dance and, when the weather’s nice, walks around the pond accompanied by either my favorite female vocalists or a friend from work. I’m not sure whether I have finally – without realizing it – achieved the tagline for this blog.

The newest insight from holistic healthcare practitioners is that you have to have balance in your life in order to successfully lose weight. That means your hormones, your brain chemicals, your nutrition, your digestion, and the one thing that most of us are quickest to ignore, our lives. When you have pleasure and accomplishment in your life in equal parts, as well as work and recreation, your body – apparently – knows what to do to be healthy.

Despite that I am a new chair, a chair-elect, chairing a search committee, planning a wedding, getting married, and have deadlines out the wazoo, I’ve only had one night of stress eating. Ironically, it happened last night, after someone said to me: “I love your blog,” and I realized – appearances aside – I did too.

As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s hard to write about your life when it’s going wonderfully. One, it seems like you’re bragging. Two, we humans have the unfortunate tendency to bond over adversity rather than celebration. Three, when you’re busy celebrating, the compulsion to write about it disappears. That said, I have a lot to say about living a balanced life and I will be sharing it here. Not necessarily as advice for others, but as a reminder to myself.

In the very first post, I wrote that I was going to blog in order to remind myself what I know is true. It seems that starting from a place of love, gratitude and peace is as good of a way to start as any.


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