Radical New Perspectives; They Come Quick

So I’m on day three of my journey to reclaim my body and I’ve noticed a couple of things:

1) Change (mental change, that is) happens quickly. Although I was completely bummed out on Sunday, I have been having an amazing three days.

2) I’ve unfrozen my fatness. What I mean by that is that I’m not thinking about myself as fat, but rather as carrying more weight around than I want to be. That’s huge. When you’re stuck, there can be no movement.

3) In a previous post, I mentioned that I was trying to learn to appreciate the now. Well, I can sum up my efforts there in one word: cleavage! I actually have cleavage! And for someone who was in a nearly A just last summer, that’s a pretty big deal. (But don’t you worry, before I got too attached to the idea of natural curves, I went and checked out the local selection of push up bras. That way when my own go away again, I’ll know exactly how to get them back in a way that doesn’t involve the words chocolate or peanut butter).

4) I’ve also been adding some HIIT into my cardio routines. It’s amazing how much of a kick that puts in your day. I only have a few words to say on that: I am not P90X worthy. And that’s okay…at least for the moment.

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