Apparently if you don’t live in Southern California, eating like you do isn’t the answer

I have grown quite attached to my morning smoothie – my fairly large, green, raw, cold smoothie. I have one every morning. Sometimes I have one in the afternoon as well.

Yesterday, however, my acupuncturist (who also specializes in Chinese medicine and nutrition) starting talking about “dampness.” Though I had never heard of such a thing, he assures me I have it. And upon a little (several hours actually) of reading, I found reference to every single symptom that I have been struggling with for the last year or so. And on the foods to avoid list: cold food and/or raw food. And on the list of things to add in: brown rice (the very thing that my southern California based naturopath recently advised me to avoid).

All of these conflicting reports make my head hurt. Though, as Michael so lovingly pointed out, finding the nutrition system that’s right for you is a journey and since you’re not dead yet, you’re still on it.

You know what the funny thing is? Everything that I love and think that I can’t live without if it were to be taken away ends on the avoid list. Three weeks ago it was rice (which I am going to add back in, because when I took it out it did funny things to my body), then it was herbal teas (at least the ones with hibiscus), and now it’s my raw smoothie.

I don’t think raw is completely out, but maybe just out during the winter months, which, admittedly, in New Hampshire lasts about 6 months…this year, closer to seven.

Apparently cleaning up “dampness” is a slow process, so I won’t be expecting miracles anytime soon. However, if any come my way, you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime, less raw food (sob!), fewer smoothies (double sob!), and more brown rice cereal with loads and loads of cinnamon (which, somehow, seems like poor consolation).

P.S. Notably, this is not the first practitioner who has talked to me about the heat/cold properties of food and why I may or may not be a good candidate for raw. However, given that he’s been able to rid me of things that Western medicine had completely failed to solve, I’m willing to take the risk and, once again, turn yet another corner on diet and nutrition.

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