Has it really been two months?

I logged on to my blog this morning and realize that it’s been two months! Really? It doesn’t seem like it, but the date post doesn’t lie.

It’s not that that I stopped thinking about my body or my weight, but something definitely shifted after that last nostalgic lament for what once was. I continued to take my thyroid medication, but I also added in meditation to sooth the over active immune system. I have weekly meetings with an acupuncturist and biweekly appointments with a chiropractor. I’ve been walking outdoors (yea sunshine!), consuming more essential fats and avoiding not just wheat, but all grains.

I tasted peanut butter the other day and it was disgusting. And now that I am tossing chia seeds and a quarter of avocado into my entirely hemp based green smoothie (no more chocolate rice powder, given rice’s status as a grain), I know longer crave tahini or almond butter (though I still enjoy them).

I exercise every day. I’ve pulled out my iPod with my favorite spinning mixes and I hop on the nordic track in the living room for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Three days a week I do kettle bell swings and other Tim Ferris endorsed exercises. Usually around noon I go for a walk around the pond behind my office. And I park my car about 15 minutes away from main campus to enforce another 30 minute hike.

I eat lots of homemade black beans, lentils, and other sources of lean protein. I’ve started eating eggs again much to Michael’s chagrin. I am mostly dairy free, with the exception of a bit of goat feta here and there. I rarely eat sugar (usually no more than 32 grams per day), I never eat fruit (unless it’s the occasional dried mulberry or I sneak a sip – which is actually quite common – of Michael’s smoothie which also contains gojis and blueberries). Wine is back in, however, and I find myself enjoying a glass or two of red wine every week. And tea. Lots of tea, sometimes enhanced with an essential oil that can literally take you out of your body and cause all of your troubles to disappear. It’s amazing.

I’m teaching and coaching, but not researching. And, interestingly and somewhat surprisingly, I am absolutely loving it. My only sorrow is that I worry that I should be researching and I, not surprisingly, have things to do. Things that are due. But I’d rather take my weekends off, make love with my fiance (yes, we’re engaged), and go for long walks. I’d rather clean the house and cook for the week, and write in my blog, and plan my wedding. And try on clothes – clothes that fit again, by the way, even though I’ve stopped bitching about my weight, stopped beating myself up, and obsessing. Or maybe it was because of those things.

Maybe I’m just finally living a balanced life. Whatever it is that I’m doing, I’m just going to keep doing it. I’ll keep you posted.

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