Female Fat Loss Over Forty

No doubt about it, Facebook is the internet marketer’s best friend.

A few days ago, I posted a comment-status-thingie on Facebook about doing Tabata Training and or High Intensity Training (H.I.I.T.) and – literally – within 24 hours an information products ad popped up on my profile that was obviously tailor made for me. The headline was Female Fat Loss Over Forty and said something about working out less than 15 minutes a day. I knew exactly what it was when I clicked on it. And, in fact, it was almost as if Facebook had been sitting in my living room listening in (which they may have been given their egregious privacy policies), because I had just said – not five minutes before – that I really wish I could just find a bunch of H.I.I.T. workouts that were timed for you, etc.

Ask and you shall receive.

Besides it was only $29.00, so why not?

So, I hit the button and in my mailbox arrives Fat Loss Over Forty (plus bonuses – of course)!

Actually, all I’ve been doing is the bonus, which is a 21 day fat loss program, which includes three 30 minute workouts (an interesting cross between Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and P90X) and 3 days of 20 minute H.I.I.T. workouts (to be done on your off days). Other bonuses include a pretty standard diet/nutrition program (which is worthless to me, but might be a good start for someone who hasn’t really thought about nutrition) and a two page reminder of the biochemical benefits of sleep! It also comes with a full color exercise encyclopedia.

The woman is Canadian. She’s a health and fitness coach with a string of letters behind her name. And she seems to have a penchant for bad pop music. (I’m pretty sure that was Lady Gaga she was playing in the background). And she’s shooting these workout in her living room!

Now, you may think that’s pretty cheesy and you’d never buy an exercise video of someone working out in their home. However, there is something really endearing about someone checking their notes between exercises, breathing hard right along with you, and working out in the same non-optimal conditions you are! I particularly had to laugh when she was doing skaters and the rug kept sliding out from beneath her feet. Been there!

I also like the fact that she is over 40 and she gets winded – really winded! Seriously, the woman is working. And it makes me feel less self-conscious about my own panting and groaning.

Now I’ve done videos/DVDs for years, and I must say that this is as serious a workout as I have ever gotten with Jillian Michaels (and with a heck of a lot less impact on the knees).

And let me also say that the first “off day,” where I did the H.I.I.T. training, kicked my ass.

Another benefit to this particular approach to home fitness, is that I was able to download all of this stuff immediately onto my computer, which means I will be able to take it with me – without having to cart around a bunch of DVDs – while I am traveling this summer.

According to the marketing, this is what I can expect to experience in the next 28 days:

* Firmer arms, legs, thighs, and buns
* Increased strength, energy, and stamina
* Faster Metabolism to burn more fat at rest
* Tighter, flatter abs – means smaller waist
* 4-12 pounds of weight loss
* 3-6% decrease in body fat
* Increased muscle tone and flexibility
* Greater confidence and self-esteem
* Decreased stress, tension, and anxiety
* Increased sense of overall well being
* Reduce cravings for fats, sugars, and junk foods
* Sleep better at night and increase daily productivity
* Decrease back pain and discomfort
* Lose the uncomfortable “bloated” feeling
* Look and feel better in your favorite clothes

Sounds pretty good! Even if I just accomplish a third of that, I’ll feel like I got my money’s worth!

Regardless, I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

By the way, today’s workout was awesome: 30 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest (which really was just about the time it took to change positions), for a total of 30 minutes. Super challenging, but absolutely enjoyable – probably because I knew if I didn’t like something (or, better yet, couldn’t do something) it wouldn’t last long!

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