Travel Fail

I just recently returned from a very badly planned out trip.

Don’t get me wrong, the trip was great. But the plan could definitely have used some work!

On the one hand, the plan was pretty good in that we packed a ton of raw seed bread, flax crackers, nut butters, and Clearvyte-CR so that we would have lots of good raw food and stay reasonably detoxed, but it was not so great in that we had planned to go to the grocery store upon arrival and buy lots of fresh veggies to supplement all of that fat-heavy – albeit it was the “healthy” fat – food!

Note that I used the word PLANNED.

We arrived late, burned out. We decided to skip the grocery store and scrounge. We did have some veggies – like some sugar snap peas and some baby carrots – but we were definitely short. The conference started the next morning at 8:30 and went long both nights – hence no store.

To make matters worse, my plane left early on Monday and in my hurry to get to the hotel, I left the $7.00 bunch of broccoli that I had finally broke down and bought from the hotel in the fridge – doh! I hate that.

Ostensibly, I was only 247 calories over my daily allotment of calories on Sunday and 500 on Monday, which, if you’re as calorie-crazed, er, conscious as I am, you’ll know that that’s only about 1/5 of a pound worth of extra energy.

However, I felt (last night) and still do (after 5 hours of sleep, an hour of exercise, and 5 hours of work), like complete and utter crap. I feel like there’s a big ball of lard deep inside my gut. I also feel completely clogged up and slightly nauseous.

My mother tried to reassure me that I’d get used to it; heck, that’s the last thing I want!

Chances are I’m feeling particularly bad because of how cleanly we have been eating this month – but it’s not necessarily something that I want to test.

Last night, on my way home from the airport, I stopped at a local grocery store and bought two bags of produce! It was beautiful, glorious, and green. It looked clean. It felt clean. It smelled clean. In fact, it’s not too far of a reach to say that I felt like I was literally being bathed in chlorophyll.

Even though I am still pretty full (it really is surprisingly gross how polluted I feel) I did manage to have a nice raw butternut squash soup, some zucchini, and some turnip for lunch.

Despite it’s still overfull state, my body literally sang~

Tonight, I think I’ll have some Swiss chard.

You probably think I’m kidding, but, seriously, I can’t wait.

And next time, no matter how late I get to where I am going, I will go to the grocery store – come hell or high water.

post script: even though it was a colossal fail on the fresh veggie front, I am proud to report that no sugar crossed these lips! I have five more days on the sugar detox cleanse and so far, so good. So, perhaps I should change the title of the post, because after all it could have been a whole lot worse!


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