Six down, four to go

I really can’t believe how quickly time flies when you’re not eating!

Maybe it’s because I’m getting more sleep, which is a good thing.

Maybe it’s because I’m not spending all of my time planning, preparing, consuming, and cleaning up after my next meal!

Whatever it is, it’s interesting. Time has become as fluid as my meal supplements. And it’s not because I’m light headed either! 😉

Today, I actually broke down and bought a German engineered tongue brush/scraper, because the fuzzy tongue thing had just gotten the better of me.

I also bought a dry skin brush.

Dry skin brushing is probably old hat to most people, but it was new to me. And boy was it exhilarating – especially after a long massage where the masseuse actually “cupped” my feet and slathered my abdomen in caster oil in an attempt to get the lymph to move more freely through my body!

Off to get at least eight hours of sleep.

Stay tuned for day seven!

P.S. I’m actually more concerned about adding the food back in, as Michael J and I are heading into 21 days of no sugar – no fruit, no chocolate, no nothing. But I guess there will be food, for which I I am pretty darned sure that by that point I will be grateful!

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