A Moment of Recognition and Appreciation

Michael J and I stopped at a local coop and had dinner there.

While I munching happily away on my salad of spinach, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, raw sun flower seeds, red cabbage, and sprouts, this young girl – about 11 – walked in and sat down a little to the right of and behind our table.

She was tall and thin and wearing track pants and your typical I’m almost in middle school high zippered hoodie. Though unlike most 11 year olds I know (and unlike I was at that age) she was completely comfortable in her own skin and completely unbothered about sitting down in a coop cafe for a snack – alone.

She was carrying a beautiful chocolate cupcake (not unlike the one pictured here, though with a little less frosting) and a Synergy drink (or, rather, a Kombucha). I’d link you to their website, but the link is apparently down.

According to Wikipedia, for those of you who have never tried one:

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is imbibed for medicinal purposes. Although there is limited specific scientific information supporting any purported benefits and a lack of studies being conducted, much anecdotal information purporting its historical medicinal value has been reported.[1] Kombucha is available commercially, but can be made at home by fermenting tea using a visible solid mass of microorganisms called a kombucha culture or mushroom.

My favorite brand is GT’s. My favorite is the green one (of course) and Michael J favors the ginger – no surprise there either, now that I think about it.

But I digress.

This girl, with the chocolate cupcake and her Kombucha, lifted the cupcake off of the saucer and lifted it to her face. Then, she paused. Took a deep breath and savored the aroma of delicacy.

It was truly beautiful. And so mindful that it made me embarrassed of how I sat down and mindlessly attacked my salad without fully appreciating the color, the beauty, the scent, or the texture.

I watched her enjoy a few bites before setting it back down on the saucer and start the long, careful process of opening her Kombucha.

As I finished my salad and walked away I wondered if she would even finish the cupcake and thought that of all of the 11 year old girls I’ve ever seen, she’s the one I would say is at the lowest risk of – if not obesity – a life long struggle with food.

I hope she enjoyed her snack.

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