Toto, I don’t think we’re in Oklahoma anymore

As someone who grew up in Oklahoma, it’s amazing to me that 105 degrees – a state of the art culinary institution “dedicated to live food” – exists within driving distance, let alone in the capital city!

The next time I go home, I may spend one whole day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – in Oklahoma City! Namely on North Classen Boulevard. I’ll have to see if my friend Kim, who lives in a nearby suburb, will join me for at least one of those meals so that I don’t look like quite the junkie.

And if the presence of a raw culinary institute (complete with cafe and gift shop) in Oklahoma wasn’t amazing enough, I also had a very delicious raw meal out in Tulsa while I was home for the holidays at the Pure Raw Cafe (just blocks up the road from my parents’ house)!

My sister and I split a gorgeous green chili soup and a raw pizza that was to die for. We then shared a chocolate brownie with fudge sauce that truly defies description! Seriously, it was one of the best meals that I’ve ever had out in Tulsa.

Who knew that Oklahoma would end up being one of the raw food meccas of the nation?

And don’t forget to check out 105 degrees’ academy if you’re looking to become fully certified! If I could figure out how to move there for three months, don’t think I wouldn’t consider it.

Who said you can’t go home?

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