Quick and Healthy Snack Options – Raw Chocolate Almonds

Particularly during the holiday season (not to mention just during the cold winter months) it’s important to have healthy snack options around. When you have healthy options around, you’re less likely to reach for the unhealthy crap that seems to just materialize out of thin air. So instead of reaching for a piece of left over fudge or the Christmas cookies that seem to linger until Valentines Day, try these on for size.

Raw almonds (only make as many as you think you’ll eat in the day).
5 or 6 drops of liquid Chocolate Stevia
1/2 cup of water.

Put the almonds – I usually make about 24 at a time to last for the day – in a small Zip lock baggie. I tend to use the snack size, because they’re perfect for making (and storing and packing) this particular treat!

Cover the almonds with water (purified water if you have it) and then add 5 or 6 drops of the liquid Stevia. You can use any flavor, but I’m loving the chocolate these days. You can get liquid Stevia in a variety of flavors, including Cinnamon, Vanilla, Creme Brule, etc.

Zip up the bag and let sit overnight.

In the morning, drain off the water and enjoy!

I originally came across this recipe via a woman named Rose Cole. Check out the video of her making these, below!

If you need a little more encouragement to toss these puppies into your dietary rotation, check out all of the health benefits of almonds!


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