KJ’s Favorite Green Smoothie (a/k/a Slime-ade)

For the last two weeks, I have been drinking green smoothies. That is, RAW green smoothies.

For the most part, green smoothies are very forgiving – some of them aren’t even green! In fact, my first one literally looked like a vat of figgie pudding. Well, I assume that that’s what it looked like. Too many blueberries.

Essentially, you put in a lot of leafy greens (spinach, cilantro, kale, romaine lettuce, etc) and whatever else strikes your fancy.

Some people put in a lot of fruit, because they like them sweeter.

I started there, but quickly moved to the less sweet variety.

My favorite to date, is sort of Mexican-y and smells a little bit like a summer garden. Check out the details here.

Over the holidays, I made one every day and split it with my sister. She, who has recently gone gluten-free, actually got a little zing of energy with her first slug. Talk about an instant convert. In fact, before the holidays were over, she had ordered her own high speed blender and packed a smoothie to go for her long drive ahead.

Not everyone in the house, however, was a convert. My parents were not sold – at all. And every time my father saw me with one, he’d just laugh and shake his head (not necessarily in that order).

My father’s snarky asides eventually got so bad that I eventually made him an offer he couldn’t refuse: you stop ragging on me because of my slime-ade and I’ll stop bitching at you about your Vienna Sausages (otherwise known as Viennie Weinies).

Personally, I think he got a pretty good deal. Because there’s a lot more that I could say about the wonders of potted meat than he could about the hazards or fresh, organic spinach.


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  1. […] So, if you’re still reading this, you might be thinking: but why? Why would you want to cut most – if not all – cooked food out of your diet? Why would you willingly give up pancakes and eggs for breakfast (or even oatmeal and maple syrup) in exchange for a green smoothie? […]

  2. Jane on

    hi-my father was exactly the same when I was staying with him recently-he even thought my GS was making me sick after I had a bad gut reaction to some of the processed food his partner cooked-too much salt/additives ergh…
    and meanwhile he refused to even try it -sadly he has kidney cancer which is now bone cancer and has not stopped drinking or made any changes to his SAD (meat/dairy) diet…
    but my once cynical kids (22 and 20) have also bought blenders and are making GS everyday and emailing me with the ingredients they used for that day! Gave my sister a GS book but she needs a blender and for me to go over and make one for her or even drop some off everyday to get her going.

    • KJ on

      That’s too bad about your dad, but awesome about your kids! My parents recently told me that you get to a certain point in life that it’s too late to change a lifetime of eating. That they were raised a certain way, etc. I’m trying to put off that point for as long as possible 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting.

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