The Green Smoothie Girl Nutrition Quiz

As you will be learning, I am beginning to get into the whole/raw food thing. I’ve even been making green smoothies (recipes forthcoming), which are not only disgustingly good for you, but are incredibly tasty!

In my quest for new recipes, I stumbled across Green Smoothie Girl! If you’re at all interested in going green (or even raw), check her out! There’s a lot of good information there about why one might want to consider it – if not as a complete lifestyle choice, then as a healthy add-in.

I also took her nutrition quiz and – food geek that I am – got a 95 (or an A)! Which, according to her rubric suggests the following:

90-100 A If you’ve been living this lifestyle for some time, you should be living a vibrant, energetic life with minimal disease risk, and you look younger than your years and peers! What an achievement, inspiration, and example to others!

Now, I don’t know how seriously I would take this, but I did run into an old acquaintance that I haven’t seen in about five years. He didn’t even recognize me! When I told him who I was, he laughed, obviously embarrassed. “Why, KJ,” he said, taking one of my hands in both of his. “When you came over here, I thought, ‘Now who’s that undergraduate coming over here to talk to me?'”

Although he may have been exaggerating (I turn 40 in two months), that exchange was all the encouragement I needed to hop out of bed the next morning, slice of some romaine lettuce, some spinach, a couple of pieces of fresh fruit and blend it up.

Seriously, try it (assuming you have a blender that can handle it). Although it might take a couple of false starts, it won’t take long for you to be pleasantly surprised!

If you want to know how close you are to being a Green Smoothie Girl (or Guy), take the quiz here!


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