What’s the matter with gluten?

Gluten, for those of you who don’t know, is a protein that is in wheat and barley. Interestingly, 1 out of 40 U.S. adults have some sort of allergy to gluten (and a good portion of those are also allergic to dairy)! Most people don’t know they have the allergy: they just live with the mental cobwebs, the bloating, the inflammation, the digestive problems, the headaches, and the depression – never thinking that the cause is in what they’re eating.

You might be thinking – wheat? What’s wrong with wheat?

What’s wrong with wheat is that it’s in practically everything!

In case you’re not a student of nutrition labels (yes, I am a geek!) so-called enriched flour is one of the most common food ingredients used in food processing. Essentially we were not designed to eat wheat with the fiber stripped out. We were not designed to eat wheat in, essentially, everything we eat.

Did you realize that some ice creams have gluten in them? Soy sauces? Ketchups? Soup mixes? Spaghetti sauces?

Some of the symptoms that people have who have gluten allergies include chronic indigestion, acid reflux, depression, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrom (among others). Go here, for more information about gluten and wheat allergies.

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