A Simple Step

Or, rather, several.

Over the last month or so I started walking more.

I think it’s because the weather has been unseasonably nice where I live and it’s just nice to be outside when the sun is shining and it’s reasonably warm – especially in November.

I used to discount walking. It’s not hard enough. It’s not strenuous enough. It’s boring…. You name it, I had used it as an excuse not to do it. It wasn’t like I was one of those people who drive around 30 minutes in the gym parking lot to get a park near the door and then go sweat it out for an hour (or two) on a spinning bike, but it was close.

But walking, like any other exercise, burns calories. And, not like a lot of other exercises, it’s incredibly easy on your body!

I remember someone telling me once that joggers are simply walkers who don’t have a lot of time!

I’m beginning to see that.

I live on a dirt road with some steep and some rolling hills, interspersed with some rather scenic flats. In addition to just getting out in nature, on an hour and 15 minute walk, I can burn almost 500 calories. And sometimes my heart rate gets up as high as 147 beats per minute! Granted it doesn’t stay there, but it doesn’t really need to.

Heck, just walking over to the gym from my office (and back) I burned 120 calories! (Again, thank goodness for hills!) I was shocked – not to mention pleasantly surprised!

In fact, I was so pleased, that I’m going to start wearing my heart rate monitor when I park so that I will actually be motivated to park further away from my office. (Yes, I am a geek – it’s sad but true!)

And instead of complaining about “having to park in the North 40” I may purposefully park in the last spot on the very last row at the bottom of the hill!

Seriously, walking adds up and it’s easy on the body. I dropped my car off at the shop this morning and walked to work – 139 calories. I have to walk back – probably closer to 100 (given the direction of the hills). But still, in addition to the gym workout, I will have burned an extra 350 calories shuttling myself to and fro!

Think about it.

And stop looking for the closest parking spot – even if you are looking in the gym parking lot!


4 comments so far

  1. lgn on

    Seems wrong that walking between office and gym you burn 120 calories while you only burned 139 coming in from the car shop despite that big hill coming up from the river?

    • KJ on

      I walked up observatory hill on my way back. I did the numbers and figured that if I parked at your house (assuming I walked in every day – 7 days a week) I could lose 25 pounds! 😉

      • KJ on

        Typo: to the gym and BACK! That’s why it seemed so high! Thanks for the edit!

  2. […] granted, I have done some light yoga (barefoot) and walked from my car to the office (in my regular shoes), but there’s been no sustained […]

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