HUGE shout out to Hannaford Supermarkets!

I am so impressed.

MJ and I live several miles away from the store where we typically shop and it’s a pain to have to run in on the weekends when we’re out of something.

This weekend, we took a field trip to the local Hannaford, which is still 10 minutes away, but is a heck of a lot more convenient than heading back into town to go to the coop.

Last year Hannaford underwent a fairly serious renovation and reportedly added more organic and healthy products to the their product line. However, since our normal grocery store is on my way home from work and Hannaford is in the opposite direction, we never made it down there. Our mistake.

A few days ago, I was looking online to see if any store in my area carried a particular brand of gluten-free bread. The store finder turned back two stores within 15 miles, one of them Hannaford.

Let’s just say that I was shocked by how much good stuff they had in there! I was also thrilled to see that they had an entire gluten-free section marked out and carried a better selection of gluten-free bread, snacks, cookies, ice cream, and prepared foods than most coops or health food stores in the area!

But the thing that impressed me the most – and if I was a mother with small children I would never shop anywhere else – was at the checkout lines there were only organic snacks, ranging from gluten-free, no processed sugar cookies and brownies to almonds, cashews, and walnuts! Does your kid want a cookie but you don’t want the sugar crash? No problem.

Then to make things even better, as I was flipping through the Healthy Choices magazine (free) that they publish monthly, there was a picture of an interracial couple! Pretty liberal for mainstream advertising!

Then, the icing on the cake, I got home and found that Hannaford has a list of all of the gluten-free products in the store! In addition to a section on the website dedicated to people with gluten-allergies, they also have similar pages for those people who need to reduce cholesterol, manage diabetes, prevent osteoporosis, etc!

I swear, if I gave out an award (and this might encourage me to make one up) they would most certainly get it!

Way to go! If you have a Hannaford near you with a Nature’s Place Section (and you have special dietary needs) I heartily recommend checking them out!

And even if you don’t have one near you, print off those healthy recommendation lists and take them with you next time you go shopping!

Seriously! Bravo!

P.S. Where do you shop for healthy food? What big name stores carry the most variety and best quality health food options in your area?


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  1. […] Then to make things even better, as I was flipping through the Healthy Choices magazine (free)…See more here: HUGE shout out to Hannaford Supermarkets! […]

  2. Meg Houston Maker on

    Well, that beats Bud’s Shop ‘n’ Save in Newport, Maine, hands down. They sequester the “natural” and “organic” products in a dimly lit cul de sac that’s nearly impossible to find. Most supermarkets, especially chains, don’t get it at all.

    • KJ on

      Having never been there, I would imagine that most places beat out anyplace called “Bud’s Shop ‘n’ Save” when it comes to organics!

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