Diet Survival Tips for Halloween from Beachbody

Not surprisingly, I subscribe to a number of fitness and exercise newsletters. I thought that this one from (from Beachbody) was particularly timely because I heard on the radio last night that 60% (give or take) of all parents actually sneak Halloween candy from their kid’s Jack-O-Lanterns! For shame!

(Now if you’re sneaking it out and binning it – as kids don’t need all that crap either – that’s another thing entirely. But somehow I didn’t get the impression that’s what’s happening)!

Even though I don’t have that particular temptation at hand, some “nice” person at our office has placed a full bucket of Halloween candy on the Administrative Assistant’s desk directly opposite my door (darn them)!

Note that I’m working from home today! And if my colleagues – or at least some of them – are true to form, it will be empty by tomorrow!



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