The Power of Framing

I was driving to work this morning and the odometer flipped to my – up until that exact moment – least favorite number in the world: 232.5

For those of you who know me (or have been following this blog from the beginning) 232.5 is my all time highest weight. I remember clearly stepping on the scale at a Weight Watcher’s meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and having my classmate’s mother (who must happened to be the leader) call it out like it was no big deal. I was absolutely horrified.

To this day, I see that number – or at least the 232 part – on digital clocks, odometers, timers, cardio machines, etc, weekly, if not daily! And every time I would get this sick feeling in my stomach that was probably the result of some residual of the self-hatred, embarrassment, and shame that I felt then.

When I saw that number today, however, instead of the sick feeling that I normally experience I thought, “Wow, that’s the number that changed my life!” It was that number – that 232.5 – that launched my 24 year (more or less) journey of healthy eating and exercise.

The 98 pounds in third grade hadn’t managed it, nor had the 188 in eighth grade. But for whatever reason, 232.5 in eleventh grade did. I’m not sure if it was my age, the officialness of it, the way it was delivered (so casually, slotted in between questions about my classes), or the fact that I had a social connection – albeit a weak one – to the bearer of the “bad” news.

So this morning, I actually felt gratitude when I saw that number. Because if I hadn’t seen that number so many years ago – in that manner and at that perfect point in time – my life could have been very different. And chances are, it would have been a heck of a lot less healthy, rewarding, and fun!

The next time I see it – probably sometime tomorrow if the pattern holds – instead of closing my eyes and waiting for it to pass, I will close my eyes and, instead, offer a moment of deep and heartfelt gratitude.

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