Heaven is a German Chocolate Cake Jocalat Bar

As I have gotten more health conscious, the one guilty pleasure that I have consistently allowed myself was protein bars – you know, those candy bars masquerading as health food?

I was originally hooked on Balance Bars – that is, until I read the label and saw that they had fish gelatin in them! Really?! That sounds about as appealing as, well, fish jelly.

I then went to the dark chocolate Zone Perfect bars. I especially liked the Mocha one, because, seriously, how can you go wrong with coffee and dark chocolate. Even though it has the right protein to carb to fat ratio and, importantly, there’s no fish gelatin(!), there are still a lot of chemicals, sugar, and gluten.

When I finally committed to cutting out processed sugar, processing chemicals, and gluten (for at least four weeks) that left me with LARABARS.

Now, Michael J and I have been eating LARABARS for a while now. He’s a bigger fan than I am.

I always used the justification that I wanted more protein for my 200 calories (LARABARS typically have around 3 to 6 grams of protein, compared to the 12 to 18 in the other bars).

But, to tell you the truth, it was really all about the chocolate and, well, let’s be clear, the sugar! And, though LARABAR was trying with their Jocalat line, the ones that I’d tried just weren’t quite cutting it.

Until today.

Enter the newest offering in the Jocalat line: German Chocolate Cake.

Made from dates, pecans, almonds, unsweetened chocolate, unsweetened coconut, extra virgin coconut oil, and cocoa powder, this thing is truly a little chunk of heaven.

In all fairness, the Chocolate Hazelnut (which I tried day before yesterday) is also quite good, but the German Chocolate Cake is, literally, divine.

If you haven’t tried LARABARS, they’re definitely worth a taste.

Besides being great for you, and great tasting, they also have a very cool corporate philosophy:

Our Food Philosophy: Simple. Pure. Delicious.™

LÄRABAR firmly believes that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat. And what you eat is healthiest and most satisfying when it’s in a whole, natural state.

Our company name comes from an ancient belief that food falls into two categories:

which beckon consumption again and again, sapping the body of energy without any real health benefits, Today, they’re called “junk foods.”

on the other hand, resonate with energy in a whole, natural state. When consumed, they cause you to feel vibrant and alive.

You can expect an unmistakable urge to humm after every LÄRABAR bar you eat.

Let the humming begin!

How can you not like a product from a company that uses a concept like Humm Food as part of its marketing?!

We are currently stocked with Ginger Snap (excellent), Apple Pie, Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Hazelnut, German Chocolate Cake, and Pistachio (my former favorite).

These bars, unlike the competition, are not only organic, but also gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-gmo, vegan, and kosher.

Check them out; I’m sure you’ll find something to like!

Let me know what your favorite is, because – believe it or not – I haven’t tried them all and am always open for suggestion!

4 comments so far

  1. Lara on

    I tried the peanut butter cookie and the cashew cookie. As you’d said, the pnb was scrumptious. I haven’t run across the chocolate one you mentioned yet.

    Thanks for the recc.


  2. KJ on

    Well, if you can’t find the GCC, let me know and I’ll mail you one! You can by them by the case from Amazon via this page, but you’d probably want to try one first.

  3. Lara on

    Have you tried the Cocoa Mole??? It was too die for!!

  4. KJ on

    If you like that one, you’ll love the Chocolate Hazelnut and the German Chocolate Cake (which is so moist due to the coconut oil it seems more like a brownie)!

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