Comprehensive warm up and cool down guide from Jillian Michaels

Everyone knows that they’re supposed to warm up and cool down before any strenuous exercise.

The problem is that most people haven’t been kept up with the move from static stretching (holding a stretch in place) to dynamic stretching (stretching while in movement).

Or, like I used to, they simply ignore stretching all together because it takes too long, they’ve only got 50 minutes to work out, or they want to get on to the business of burning calories.

Warming up and cooling down have innumerable benefits, but for the purposes of this post, I’ll just give you the top three: they get your body ready to (and recovered from) strenuous activity, they help prevent soreness (which promotes continued activity), and they prevent injury! See more here.

In case you’re like I used to be, check out this very nice warm up/cool down guide from Jillian Michaels. She also has a related article on the dos and don’ts of stretching! Check it out here!

Enjoy! And if you aren’t warming up and cooling down, try it. You might be surprised how much more you enjoy your workout!

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