15 Minute Results: Yoga (Day Three)

In my last post, I mentioned that I was looking for an easy and reliable way into yoga. Well, I may have found it! Rodney Yee & Marial Hemmingway’s 15 Minute Results:Yoga is great!


It’s short. It’s easy to follow. It’s totally invigorating. And it’s not “precious.” Instead, it’s two people doing yoga, who are obviously passionate about their craft and really enjoy each other. Some reviews have suggested it’s too chatty and that they prefer the Yee productions that are more scenic and have been voiced over. Personally, as a non-yoga adherent (at least not yet), it’s perfect. It’s like being at the gym with friends.

Additionally, if you are new to yoga, there is a lot of overlap between the total body, upper body, and lower body. Some reviewers have said there is too much overlap, but, again, as someone who is relatively new to yoga, I find the repetition useful.

It is pretty fast paced, but I don’t feel like I’m struggling all that much to keep up. Whenever I do lose my place, I just figure there’s room for improvement. Why invest in something if you can already do it perfectly right out of the box?

Overall, glad I got it and am looking forward to section four! When’s the last time anyone’s heard me say that about anything related to yoga?

Oh, and the other thing? It’s only 15 minutes! So if I feel my energy start to lag throughout the day or if I get stiff from sitting at the computer, I can always just do it again! I may even buy another copy for the office!


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