Jillian Michael’s Weekly Radio Show


I didn’t realize that Jillian Michael did a weekly radio show.

It’s definitely worth listening to if you need a good kick in the pants about anything. This is not just about weight loss. It’s about self-esteem and identity. It’s about anything that you want to accomplish.

Check it out here, not only because it’s funny, but because it provides you with a ton of information (such as how your identity dictates your reality, how to reduce headaches, how your posture affects your ability to detox your system, the benefits of massage, supplements, etc.). It also provides you with free personal coaching with some serious attitude.

In case you don’t have the hour, think about just this one simple question: “What prison is your mind keeping you in?”

Hint: One way to work this in to your week is to download it and listen to it during a workout!

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