Again, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

This morning on Good Morning America: What a Fatty Meal Does to Your Insides! Yuck.

Notice that’s one fatty meal, not five!

You couldn’t have paid me enough to take that assignment!

Thanks, Anne! I think….


4 comments so far

  1. Ruth on

    This is disgusting!

    • KJ on

      Yes, it truly is! And the menu items themselves were also equally gross! Reason 3678 why I eat over 95% of my meals at home!

  2. Laura on

    OMG. That is frightening. But on the flip side: who the heck would all of that anyway? Of course, I just read an article on worst drinks ever.

    The one from Cold Stone Creamery was truly staggering!

    • KJ on

      I don’t know, I found several easy ways to get to 4,500 at Chili’s (which I think of as reasonably healthy)! Top that off with a trip to Cold Stone Creamery and you’d be all set! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be avoiding CSC like the plague from now on! I actually think it should be illegal to sell stuff that is so ridiculously bad for people! Nanny state? Maybe. But maybe we need it in this regard!

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