Nothing says lose the shirt more clearly than ‘Are you pregnant?’

I bought this super comfortable shirt at J Jill – one of their Pure Jill collection – and I loved it.

When I first tried it on, I thought, hmph, not particularly flattering but oh, so comfy! (MJ seconded the former with a very diplomatic, “Not the best thing I’ve seen you in.”) I’m thinking he was a little too diplomatic!

Today at the vet’s, the vet said, “I see you have some big life changes coming up yourself!” It was the silly smile that women always get around pregnant women and the meaningful glance at my waist (which, granted, looks about twice its normal size in this particular shirt) that gave it way.

“It’s the shirt,” I said simply, trying to smile. “I never wear it out of the house, but I figured with all of the car hair, what the heck.”

What I really wanted to say was, “Who asks if you’re pregnant anymore, you obnoxious cow?!”

Needless to say, she was mortified – perhaps more than me.

I, on the other hand, was resolved.

The nice comfy J Jill shirt is being relegated to the pajama drawer, if not the trash!


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  1. Erin on

    You’re pretty darn restrained NOT to have gone with the “obnoxious cow” comment. Good for you!

    It’s SO hard to get rid of those bigger shirts. They’re so comfortable, and we get the impression somewhere that they’re hiding our bellies. When, what we really need to be wearing are the smaller, more form fitting shirts. Mine start out in the PJ drawer, then I find them migrating up to the gym bag, then into the regular-wear shirts. Best to just get rid of them all at the beginning!

    • KJ on

      I agree; though I am sitting here wearing at now! Maybe I’ll take it to the local “Goodwill” store (here, known as the Listen Center) and let someone who is actually preggers buy it!

  2. Kendra on

    I love JJill– but have to watch out for the super-comfy clothes.

    I got some mid-calf black pants earlier this summer. Not flattering at all for a shorty.

    • KJ on

      I’m afraid I have some of those, too! I think I need to find a new clothes supplier, but it’s hard to beat their 75% off sales!

      And, just so you know, I thank the deities everyday that I’m 5′ 7″ – ish! It does make things easier, though when I was younger, I always wanted to be “petite.”

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