Singularly unmotivated

It is July 1st and 66 degrees outside. We’re being pelted with rain and it’s unlikely we’ll see the sun.

So far I have bargained with and cajoled myself to get up and do anything — Nordic Track, Yoga, K-Bells, Thirty Day Shred….anything to get my body moving. Heck, stretching would be an improvement and I know — at least in my head — that I’d feel better for the expended effort!

But, alas, so far three loads of laundry, putting away clothes, putting away dishes, and making a salad are my only accomplishments.

Vacations are hard for the workaholic. I do much better (food- and exercise-wise) with an externally imposed schedule. But, then again, who doesn’t?

If any one has any words of motivation or suggestions in general, I’d love to hear them.


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  1. […] also use moving away from – especially when I need a good kick in the pants, like a I did the day before yesterday, when I just could not get myself […]

  2. Patty on

    Sadly, if I don’t work out first thing in the morning, odds are fairly good (or bad, really) that I won’t work out at all. And if I work out first thing, I may find pockets of the day where I’ll work out again. I need to do my Jillian DVD when I get up or run when I get up. If I turn on my computer and work, I can fritter away two or three hours (well, my boss might not consider it frittering…), and then end up with too small a window to get a run in.

    The exception is when I’m in the middle of a build up to a marathon and I have a daily run plotted out. When I do my weekly schedule for work, I plot out my customer meetings and then I plot out where and when and how many miles for each day. Certainly stuff comes up and sometimes the plan doesn’t work out. I try not to obsess when that happens. Adjust if I can by moving my workout to my next scheduled rest day or just proceed with my scheduled run the next day.

    Doing the workout DVDs is a different challenge. It’s good to combine with running, but I have to be sure the run is primary. On the other hand, it usually works to do the DVD at 5 AM and then run a little later. I have a tough time running first.

    Still, there are days I don’t do any scheduled workout and it’s okay. I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday moving, which included lots of running up and down stairs and carrying things. So, I never found time to work out. Probably did fine burnin calories.

    But I have days where I never get out of my pajamas… As long as I don’t take two days in a row off.

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