Six airports in 72 hours (unbelievable)!

I’m sitting in Ronald Reagan International, which wasn’t even on the agenda, if you recall. My original flight was scheduled to arrive at home at midnight on the 24th!

After having to report to the airport twice, I made it to Chicago, only to get stuck in Dulles. I stuck to my food plan, other than the portabello burger that I ordered from room service at the Sheraton Reston. It came with fries or a fruit cup. I skipped the fries and saved the fruit cup (strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries — that may have been worth the $25.00) for breakfast.

Once I got to Dulles and realized that I was going to get tossed from the oversold flight, I scarfed down two chocolate zone bars (380 calories) and a banana (90 calories). A little stress with your processed soy product? Sure. Why not?

I lovely woman who doesn’t make nearly enough money — and whose supervisor will be getting a very complimentary letter from me — set me off with a hundred dollar cab voucher, a new ticket (this one leaving from Ronald Reagan International Airport across town) and a another voucher for a round trip ticket to anywhere in the United States. No wonder the airlines are bankrupt, as I was not the only person in a very long line that got this deal.

Although it was only 11:20 when I found my gate at Ronald Reagan, I was ravenous. Unfortunately, the choices were pretty grim: the best being Panda Express and FuddRuckers. I scoped out all of the options (more than once) and went to FuddRuckers.

Believe it or not, it was great. It was also reasonably healthy. I had a veggie burger on whole wheat toast, no cheese. I also, admittedly, had a small order of hand cut fries, which were surprisingly ungreasy. And very tasty. There is also a condiment bar, where you can get tomatoes, lettuce (iceberg, admittedly), pickles, onions, and pico de gallo. I was very filling and I’m sure that it will hold me until I get home, assuming, that is, that I get home anytime — that is, any day — soon.

However, if I don’t, Panda Express does have nutritional values posted and the Mixed Vegetables looked surprisingly fresh!

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