On the road again (well, sort of….)

My 6:18 p.m. flight to Chicago O’Hare was delayed to the point of missing connections yesterday, due to the weather. According to the woman behind the desk, this happens 90% of the time. So, really, why bother?

Regardless, at least they let me stay home another night with my parents instead of shelling out a hundred bucks for a hotel in Chicago. My new flight leaves at 10:30 a,m., and goes through Chicago, then Dulles, before finally getting me home at 6:38 p.m. Yuck. My other option was to be sitting at Chicago for ten hours! No thanks.

Of course, my biggest concern is not about the number of transfers, but about the food. Eight hours and two meal slots later. Lovely.

Plan: two veggie wraps, a bag of carrots, and (if we have time to run by the store) three or four apples. I’ll also be packing protien bars as well, but hopefully only as a last resort.

I should probably (notice how much possibility of failure is wrapped up in that little phrase) go for a walk, since my parents are still asleep and I have the time. It would undoubtedly make the entire day go smoother — it always does.

Okay, scratch that. I am going for a walk, since my parents are still asleep, I have the time, and it will make the day go much smoother.

I’m off.


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  1. Patty on

    Yup, I’ve been delayed for hours trying to go to Chicago more than once. The challenge isn’t only getting the right food, but once your trip is messed up, your schedule falls apart. Not enough sleep, so you don’t want to get up early to exercise the next day. You’re doing the right thing to go for a walk when you have a chance.

    oddly enough, Chicago seems to have more delays in the summer than in the winter–due to thunderstorms. Sounds like you’re going prepared. I’ve started carrying protein powder and a shaker with me and having a liquid meal at least once a day when I travel.

    But I’m home now, and I’m going to make some more Garbanzo Cabbage soup for lunch. (Ran out of the leftovers in my freezer yesterday) Yum! Matt is too scared to even try it. More for me!

    Happy travels!

    • KJ on

      So did he at least try it? Tell him that it will improve his running! And where did you get your shaker cup? I’m looking for one for MJ!

  2. Michael J. on

    And now that flight from Dulles is cancelled, so it’s an overnight. Bummer on all fronts.

    Matt, that garbanzo bean soup is way better than it looks, check it out!

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