Meat as a condiment

My parents happen to live within ten miles of a world class bar-be-que stand. Seriously, the man wins national competitions and, like all good bar-be-quers, he sells his wares out of a trailer, with the smoker cordoned off behind.

My Dad and I go out in the blazing heat of the day to get a pound of sliced beef, a pound of turkey, and 1/2 pound of bologna, which I swear I won’t touch, but do anyway. It was heavenly. Note: this stuff comes succulent, but dry with the sauce on the side, as opposed to being smothered in fat obscuring sauce.

Now, you might be thinking, sauce or no sauce, 2 1/2 pounds of meat is hardly “condiment status.” But it is when you invite five people over for dinner (and have left overs).

Foregoing the traditional sides of pork and beans, mayonnaise and cabbage (aka coleslaw) and creamed corn, I commandeered the menu and made tabouli, spinach salad and a relish plate consisting of radishes, pickles, olives, and banana peppers.

So, all in all, I had about 4 ounces of meat, and a ton of fresh veggies. I actually saved the tabouli as a snack with salad a couple of hours later, but everyone else loved it.

For being at home with my parents and all of my old childhood triggers, I had a surprisingly good food and exercise day yesterday. Looking forward to another one today!


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  1. Patty on

    I love BBQ ribs! Good point that you can have just a little BBQ and lots of veggies. Glad you’re having a good visit with your parents.

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