Planning a Good Travel Day Tomorrow

Between airport security and the garbage that passes for food in most airports, it’s really a challenge to have a good travel day.

My plane leaves at 5:45 p.m., with a short layover and final destination arrival time: 10:45 p.m. Not such a bad slot as meal planning goes.

So, what’s the plan?

I’m going to start my day as usual. In other words, I’ll get up at my normal time, have my typical breakfast shake (though I may add blueberries to up the calorie count).

I’ll exercise (an hour cardio and a thirty minute k-bell routine). I’ll probably do about fifteen minutes of stretching and ab work for good measure.

I’ll have to spend some time packing, including what I plan to carry on in terms of food.

Lunch (my most substantial meal of the day), will consist of a fairly generous portion of left over Khatte Chhole (otherwise known as sour chick peas), brown basmati rice and a green vegetable of some sort.

As for the time in the plane, I will carry on a bag of baby carrots, a couple Clif Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel bars, a 1.5 ounce bag of Sweet Potato Chips, and a couple of apples.

I’m also packing my nifty new Shake it Up Cup (wiped dry of course) and a handful of packages of Emerald Balance that I can mix with water once I get past security.

Wow. You may think that that’s a a lot of food for 5 hours. But I eat every couple of hours and my layover airport is notoriously bad — no matter the time of year (day or night).

I’d rather arrive at my parents’ teeming with snacks than to be sitting in an airport, hungry, surrounded by fast food and — my own personal Achilles heel — soft serve icecream.

Wish me luck.


2 comments so far

  1. Patty on

    Good points about planning what to eat for a trip. Choices at airports are limited to bad, and you don’t know if you’re going to be delayed to the point that you end up eating junk.

    Hope your journey is safe and healthy!

  2. KJ on

    I was a little off. It was the stress eating that occurred at home when I couldn’t find my wallet!!!! I was up calories, but the quality was all good. Chicago does have a Salad Works, where I tend to grab a bowl of spinach and all the vegetable offering, plus chickpeas, skip the dressing!

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