Christmas in July (well, technically it’s still June)

I decided that I needed to organize my exercise space, because (as noted previously) I am about to open up a new “home exercise phase” that centers more on low end cardio and toning.

As I was shifting through all of my k-bell gear, I found this super thin DVD holder:

Includes 2 Workouts:stretch & strength and cardio fit ballet

The stretch & strength workout features powerful floor exercises that combine Pilates, yoga and dance for chiseled abs and lean flexible muscles. cardio fit ballet offers you the best of a dancer’s workout with innovative leg exercises for the long lean look you crave.

Sounds good to me! So much for cleaning the house!


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  1. Patty on

    I haven\’t received my k-belles yet, but this makes me even more anxious to get them! Also, I\’m excited about moving into my new house and setting up my \”exercise studio\” in the basement. I seem to be having a tough time with motivation right now and I\’m looking for the magic combination of workouts.

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