Best fast food nutrition guide EVER!

I tend to be pretty down on fast food chains — even those that are only semi-fast food — in terms of providing customers with good nutrition information.

The other day, however, I was heading to Boloco’s and I just happened to check on-line to see whether they had nutritional information available. Unlike other comparable restaurants that have a static pdf (which, granted, is 3,000 times better than those that have nothing) Boloco offers an interactive nutrition guide. The nutrient values change as you decide what kind of wrap you want, the size, whether its on whole wheat, spinach or white, or if you’d like chicken (dark or white meat), beef, or tofu! Whether you want broccoli, carrots, or even cilantro.

It’s great!

If you have a Boloco near you, I recommend you check it out before heading off to lunch! And if you don’t have a Boloco near you, you should check it out anyway, just because it’s so friggin’ cool! If nothing else, you’ll see how quickly calories multiply when moving something from a regular to a large!

Good job, Boloco! You guys are definitely on the lunch list!


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