Saggy, not suelte (this is probably one of those “and then some” categories I warned you about)!

A dear friend of mine wrote in an email to me recently: I hope that losing weight doesn’t mean wrinkles!

Well, uhm, in the case of women close to 40 or above, that’s exactly what it means. I wouldn’t say wrinkly, exactly. Maybe crepe-y is a somewhat more accurate description. Though, now that I read this out loud, I’m not sure which sounds worse!

Regardless, for as long as I could remember, my mother would encourage me to moisturize.

And out of my desire to be a good daughter, I’d buy moisturizer — good moisturizer. But somehow, despite my best intentions, I could never get motivated enough to get it out its container and into my skin. And now, at 39 years and 4 months, and 40 pounds less than I was three years ago, I wish that I had listened to my mother! Let’s just say that I finally found my motivation.

I think the trick for me was not just finding a moisturizer, but finding the moisturizer. In times past, I had done all kinds of research and talked to friends, collected recommendations, tried it on in the store — only to find out when I tried using it at home that the smell was too much after all or it wasn’t just my imagination, it did feel too oily, etc. You name it, I could find a problem with it!

A couple of weeks ago, however, I did the unprecedented. On a whim, I purchased $50+ of skin care products on my way out of a restaurant! A restaurant. Not a boutique, not a beauty salon, and certainly not a dermatologist’s office. A restaurant. Granted, it was a good restaurant, but still. Moreover, I hadn’t sampled it, I hadn’t even smelled it. My friend had simply said, “If you ever have an occasion to treat yourself, this stuff smells great.”

I bought the moisturizer, the hand cream, the facial tissues, the soap, and the body cream. It was nuts. No recommendations. No research. No trials. But I had an occasion and I wanted a treat. And, luckily for me and my thirsty, wrinkly, crepe-like skin, my impromptu purchase is paying off. Not only do I love it (and, therefore, use it every day), it appears to be working. I’m beginning to see some improvement in places on my body that actually look worse now than they did before I released the weight.

And, even better since the restaurant is about 2 hours from my house, you can buy it on line. And even better than that, they sell it in bulk with free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

Now, the purpose of the post is not to discourage anyone from exercising or releasing weight. But it is to encourage you to take care of your skin and, at the risk of sounding too much like my mother, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!


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  1. cybercholita on

    K, often times you can get this stuff at TJMAXX and also at the pharmacy in town!

    • KJ on

      Good to know! It’s really good stuff! Thanks for the comment!

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