Setting priorities

As I drove in this morning, I found myself going round and round in my head about how much stuff I had to accomplish today and how little time I had in which to accomplish it. The more I thought about all of the things that I needed to do, the more stressed out I began to feel.

Essentially, I am swamped at work; I should be doing nothing at the moment other than working. But I really wanted to exercise. And sadly enough, as I drove into campus, I had just about convinced myself to skip the gym. However, before that decision could stick, I remembered my last quote of the day.

Sitting at a crosswalk, trying to decide whether to turn right for prime gym parking or to proceed straight to the office without collecting my $200, I decided that there are a lot of ways to waste time during the work day, but that working out was not one of them.

I went to the gym, as desired.

I then went to my office and started grading.

What I did not do was start surfing.

What I most certainly did not do was check email.

In fact, I left my computer in its bag on the floor! Ladies and gentleman, a first (but not a last)!

I’m glad I worked out.

I’m gladder, still, that I finished grading.

And do I feel bad about the email and web? Not really. Because, trust me, the email (and the world at large, for that matter) are still right where I left them.


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