Celebratory Dinner

I went out with friends to celebrate 1) the sale of my house in a downward market — the check that I took to the closing was larger than the one the buyer brought! — and 2) the one year anniversary of my tenure decision.

I ate like a pig, and was it ever glorious. A couple of glasses of prosecco with olive and goat cheese to start. Then a glass of red. Salad. Whole wheat penne with tomato, onion, garlic, and spinach for dinner. And then some sort of chocolate mousse! Yum.

The conversation was great; the atmosphere was chic, yet fun. The food? Well, I haven’t eaten that much — or that richly — in a while.

So, am I kicking myself? Absolutely not.

So, what does this mean for my “diet”?

Nothing, other than the fact that I’ll reduce my calorie intake back down to 1,200 calories tomorrow (and probably the next couple of days as well). But that’s fine! I’ve been trying to gain a couple of pounds for the last month as it is — and something tells me that tonight I may have very well succeeded.

“Why would I be trying to gain weight?” you ask. Well, it’s actually quite simple.

For every five pounds I lose, I try to gain three back.

While this approach may seem counter intuitive, it actually creates a stair step pattern that keeps my metabolism from tanking. More importantly, however, it also helps me better track the true number of calories that I can eat in a day and not gain weight.

Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve actually had a harder time gaining the weight than losing it. It’s an interesting problem to have and –by the way — not one that I ever thought I would have.


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