Clothes horse

Within the last two months, I have procured a tremendous number of pants. I’m not talking two pairs. I’m not talking three pairs. I’m not even talking about five pairs. Embarrassingly enough, it’s closer to ten! It’s insane. And to make matters worse, I haven’t even worn the majority of them.

Luckily I am buying them at consignment stores, thrift shops, and at the 75% off outlet at J.Jill, but still. Ten pairs of pants?

For those of you who know me, you’re probably thinking — do you even wear pants? And when you do, don’t you always pretty much wear the same ones over and over?

It’s true that I used to never wear pants. And on the rare occasion that I did, I tended to wear the same pair. The reason being was that I could never find pants that would fit me! I remember standing — dismayed — in a GAP dressing room with a pair of 14s that fit my hips but stood out about six inches around the waist. (To give you a little perspective on the situation, my thesis adviser once asked me if I had natural curvature of the spine!) Regardless, just as I was thinking that I never wanted to see the body that these jeans were supposed to fit, the sales girl came around the corner and gasped, “You’re right! You do have a big butt!”

I think it was at least five years before I ever set foot (or butt cheek) in another GAP; though these days, I have several pairs of GAP pants that I picked up for cheap at the consignment store! There’s more than one way to heal old retail-inflicted wounds!

In addition to the recent weight loss (40 pounds since February 2006), my body shape has also changed. Without giving away too much information, suffice it to say that I can now wear pants! In fact, it’s nothing for me to buy six different styles — all in the same size — and have them all fit. I think my new found pant lust stems from the joy of actually trying them on — after so many years of failure — and having them fit. But as I put away the new dress khakis, the dress linen tweeds with flared legs, and the moss mini chord cargoes, I have to think, enough is enough!

I say that as I sit here typing in a pair of moss colored cargo pants with purple piping that my inner child — KJ, Junior — just had to have. Was it the purple piping or was it the fact that they were size 16 girls?! We never wore cute clothes in girls’ sizes, even when we were girls. I picked them up, told myself I was being ridiculous, then put them back on the rack. But every time I walked past them, I hesitated. When I finally tried them on — and when they actually fit — I knew there was no way they were going back!

I am close to 40 years old. When’s the last time you saw a 40 year old woman wearing green cargo pants with purple piping?

Will I ever wear them outside of the house? Maybe — but probably not. But they were only $3.00.

Green pants with purple piping: $3.00. Fulfilling my old childhood desires: priceless.


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  1. Patty on

    Probably explains why I’m not buying any pants–I’m waiting to lose some weight before I buy any new clothes.

  2. KJ on

    Well, I’m actually wearing a new pair today and they look smashing!

  3. […] My gut looks smaller than it did on Sunday.  My KJ Jr.  size 16 girls Lands End pants are tighter than they were when I left.  My sixes still fit so it can’t be that bad; […]

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