I looked at my calendar; I have three food-centered appointments tomorrow.

Breakfast with a visiting scholar at the local diner.

Lunch with two students at the local pub.

Dinner with my honors thesis student.

From a social perspective, it’s great. But from a diet perspective, I’d rather die.

Eating out (or worse, eating at a college sponsored event) is bad enough — when you’re trying to watch what you eat — when you have to it once, let alone three times in one day! And to make matters worse, I get up at 5:00 most mornings and, thus, have already eaten “first breakfast” by 5:30.

So, obviously I need a plan. What’s it going to be?

Although I am certainly not wedded to this, I think I will start with my normal breakfast and go to the gym, per usual. I’ll then meet the scholar at the diner, where I can order herbal tea and a bowl of fruit salad, which is not that dissimilar from my normal post-workout snack.

Lunch is a bit tougher, because I’ve never been to the restaurant and they don’t have a menu available on-line. What they do have, however, is a really bad reputation in terms of offering healthy choices. So far, I’ve done a little sleuthing by asking friends who do eat there if there’s anything even remotely healthy. I have heard rumors that they actually do have a spinach salad of sorts, but this has yet to be totally confirmed.

The banquet dinner — it’s usually sit down — so I have absolutely no control. It’s definitely fixed plate. There are no special requests; it’s worse than Easter with the in-laws. My original goal was to have a great food day (that is, a high in nutrition, low in calorie breakfast and lunch) so that I could not be worried about dinner. However, eating out at second breakfast and lunch seems to make that strategy a little harder.

Depending on what time I get out of spinning tonight, I may run by the pub and take a look at the menu. Because if there’s nothing there that I want, I’d be better off eating something that I want to eat before I do and only picking at what I get once I’m there.

Any suggestions? I’ll let you know how it goes.


5 comments so far

  1. Patty on

    BTW, we don’t need to go out to eat on thursday night. You know I’m happy to eat whatever we feel like cooking together. But I may insist on a glass of wine….

  2. KJ on

    So, I take it you’re staying until Friday?

  3. Patty on

    leaving at 6 AM on Friday ’cause I have to be back in Holyoke. Does that work?

  4. KJ on

    That will be great! We just got the guestroom set up! We’re about 30 minutes south of the college, keep in mind.

  5. Patty on

    I’m in Leominster in the morning and Holyoke in the afternoon, but I expect that I’ll be there in time for spinning. Just a brief visit since I have to be back in Holyoke Friday morning, but worth the drive ’cause it’s been a while since I’ve seen you.

    I’ll call tomorrow to let you know if I’m on schedule.

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