A note on goals

In a response to one of the comments on the last post, I wrote:

“I think goals change as we change and it’s more important to be flexible than militaristic. My goal was to lose the fat, which I did. This summer, I would like to tone up and get stronger again. Like you, it’s in my best interest to weigh less — not because I can run a marathon (or two), but because it’s easier on my injured knee. I have no idea where I’ll eventually settle –weight-wise or jean-size-wise. My goal is, essentially, boiled down to this — I wanted to create a body that would allow me to do whatever I wanted it to, without limits. I’m definitely closer than I was to that goal than I was two years ago.”

I thought it was worth sharing, even for those people who normally don’t read the comments!

Thanks, Patty, for your contribution and participation!


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