K-Bell Review — Finally!

I got up this morning, determined to do my k-bell routine.

I bought the basic introductory package and then also bought the up sell.

The original deal comes with 6 DVDs, varying in length: kb elements, flowMotion Basics (both of which are mainly instructional), cardio balance, kb target toning, stretch and strength, and cardio fit ballet. It also comes with two wristbands, which I did not wear, but probably will in the summer, and a 4 lb k-bell.

Cat and I watched kb elements and then Cat watched while I did flowMotion basics (burned 64 calories). I am not the most flow-oriented person on the planet, so I actually found this to be little problematic. However, part of the reason that I was drawn to this program is that I wanted to work on accessing my “feminine energy,” so part of my lack of flow is mental, as opposed to physical. Despite my personal limitations, both of these introductions are very good and I found the founder, Michelle Khai, to be a very good instructor. Not to mention a great model, as she has an amazing body that is not only fit and lean, but also strong and sexy. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I thought people could actually look that like!

I then moved onto cardio balanced. This is a good workout. There were some moves that required traveling, which I couldn’t quite figure out while I was still trying to master the kbell, so I simply stayed put. Again, despite my modification, I still felt like I was getting a good workout. Although I didn’t burn that many calories (a little over 200), I definitely felt my muscles working in new ways. Again, one of the selling points of this program over other programs that I have done is the emphasis on slimming and toning over bulking up or fat burning.

I didn’t do kb target and toning, but I might tomorrow.

Overall, I think — as with anything — that I will get more out of the program as I get better doing it. It’s challenging, but not so much so that it’s frustrating. And because you start with the 4lb bell, there’s less likelihood of injury while you’re still learning the movements. Once I feel comfortable here — more from a movement perspective than a strength perspective — I’ll move up to the up sell, which included an 8lb kbell and two additional DVDs, kb total body blast and kb flowMotion dance. Talk about girly!

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as I move through the program! And as soon as I look like Michelle Khai, I may even post pictures!


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