Another List of “Superfoods” That Help You Lose Weight!

Luckily there is quite a bit of overlap with the previous list I posted!

I try to avoid — or at least to seriously reduce– dairy, for reasons I will explain later; however, this list is a little more inclusive for those people who just can’t seem to (or want to) kick the milk habit.

I was actually glad to see item number one, as it just so happens to be on the menu for Sunday night!

This tip, by the way, came via my sister! Thanks!

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  1. Patty on

    I’m much better on this list. Everything but kale and sardines has been in my diet in the last week. But I’m thinking of going back to vegan. What I may do is eat vegan during the week (when I’m on my own), and eat other stuff in small quantities on the weekend when I’m cooking for Matt. Actually Matt and I went vegetarian for about a month and it wasn’t so bad. I’m mostly vegetarian. But vegan is tougher.

    • KJ on

      I agree; I routinely eat salmon, so I was glad to see that. Let me know if you decide to go back to vegan. I am pretty much there, but I’ve decided that I am going to do my best to avoid absolutes as I head into maintenance. During the week, I am pretty much vegan, by habit and convenience. But Michael J and I often eat fish on the weekends and steak about once a month!

  2. adel h on

    i like this list, they have all the food i like!!cheers!i’ll keep eating them, small amount, more frequency to chase off the hunger pants.

  3. KJ on

    I agree with you, Adel. I don’t consider anything off limits as long as they don’t derail you. I have my personal reasons for avoiding dairy, which I will share more about later! Most of the things that I “avoid” are really “avoid or severely limit”! Thanks for commenting!

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