Another great tip from my colleague!

Check this out! My colleague — one of the ones with whom I routinely talk food — sent this to me after I sat through the faculty luncheon scarfing down beets! It’s amazing; I used to hate beets when I was a kid, but they are currently one of my favorite foods. I think the sugar in them helps stave off my cravings for less healthy sweets!

I’m actually doing pretty good according to this particular list of healthy food. I routinely eat beets, I love cinnamon, and I drink goji and pomegranate juice every morning. I also use blueberries frequently in smoothies, I often put turmeric in when I cook Indian food at home, and make a mean vegetarian white bean and cabbage soup!

How did you do?


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  1. Patty on

    Surprisingly bad. Cinnamon daily, blueberries occassionally, and the rest rarely. Must get some new recipes!

  2. KJ on

    Well, you’ll be happy to know that I have plenty of good recipes that I will be sharing soon! One that even has beets and prunes — a total win-win!

  3. Patty on

    Do you do a food diary? I need to start again.

    • KJ on

      I absolutely do a food diary! It’s crucial. Check out the post, Getting Real about Calories! We can also talk about it next week over dinner!

      • Patty on

        actually, I have a membership on, and it’s pretty good. It tracks food and exercise both. I can also use it on my Ipod touch. It’s a great tool. I just get off course.

  4. […] Another List of “Superfoods” That Help You Lose Weight! Posted May 9, 2009 Filed under: food, nutrition, weight loss | Luckily there is quite a bit of overlap with the previous list I posted! […]

  5. KJ on

    Patty, if you have an iTouch, you should check out the application, “Lose it.” It also keeps track of your nutrients, which may be more important — especially if you are going back to being vegan!

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