Listening to my body

I am in one of those phases in life where I am not getting enough sleep and am under the gun in almost every way imaginable. In the past, my gut instinct has been to plow ahead; to keep working, to keep even stricter count over my calories (that is, until I broke down and had a chocolate croissant or a glass of wine), and to keep exercising.

Heck, I even wanted to exercise tonight; see my previous post!

But this morning, I went in and worked a 12 hour day (without working out, first), which meant skipping my Wednesday morning weigh-in ritual that occurs after exercise.

Still feeling tired — the expression rode hard and put up wet came to mind when I looked in the mirror after my second (extra) class today! — I came home, worked some more, upped my calories (not by much), and decided to forgo exercise and go to bed. Rest, in this case, seems way more important than burning that extra 500 calories.

Am I kicking myself for being a slacker? Not at all. Am I beating myself up? Well yes — but only because I didn’t hit the sack at least an hour earlier! Hidden tip: during times of stress, if you honestly need the calories, eat them, but keep it healthy. And if you need the sleep, take it. Dieting (or maintenance, depending where you are), like life, is a journey, not a destination. And as I always tell my sister, the longer it takes to get there, the smoother your skin will be when you finally arrive!

Sweet dreams!


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