Product Recommendations: Blenders and Ice Cube Trays

I make a lot of smoothies. Some are soy based, though sometimes I just do fruits.

The thing that always bugged me though was the rate at which I went through blenders, not to mention that the smoothies, themselves, were rarely smooth. Now, I admit, that I am also cheap, so I tended to by the old standbys — you know, the $25-$35 dollar blenders that that one sees at big box stores.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t even realize that there were different classes of blenders.

Now Michael is of the mind that you should buy things one time; therefore he tends to buy things that cost 5 or 6 times more than I would typically pay for them. His logic, one that I am coming to appreciate, is that they more expensive models tend to better (he also spends a lot of time doing on-line research before making any major purchase) and by getting something that will last, you’ll be putting less in the landfill. Additionally, you’ll save more over the long run if it’s something that you use –and plan to use –over the long haul. Make sense?

After two and a half years of watching my fight with my third highish-end Oster, Michael decided that it was time for a new blender.

The UPS man came the next day and my smoothie-making life has, has literally, never been the same.

Enter the Blendtec! This thing is amazing. It blends (I think it has the horsepower of a small lawn mover) and it’s easy to clean. You can also make soup that gets heated by the torque of the engine! Additionally, they make great food demonstration vids on their website!

Now, granted, I about choked when I saw the price tag –even on Amazon. But, you know what? It is 10 times better than any blender I’ve ever had. And hopefully it will last at least 5 times as long! And since I’ve already 468 smoothies –it keeps track– we’re already well below a dollar per pop!

Now if you like smoothies, but you’d rather have an iPhone instead of a small kitchen appliance that can easily obliterate one, then I do recommend, at the very least, using these ice cube trays. These will work with even the crappiest of blenders!

My biggest pet peeve about them, however, is that when you pop them out they tend to go flying — the cats love them! But they will lengthen the life of your blender and improve the consistency of your smoothies, shakes, and —I would imagine –your frozen margaritas!

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  1. Patty on

    which one did you buy? the home one on sale for $399 or the Connoisseur?

    • KJ on

      The home one; it’s awesome!

  2. Michael J. on

    Even though I am the one who evaluated and bought the Blendtec, the other company people like a lot for health blenders is the Vita-Mix. It comes with a better recipe book, and possibly has better vortex action. But I like the Blendtec flat controls — much easier to clean, and blenders get cleaned every time you use them.

    • Patty on

      I just made a smoothie this afternoon–and it’s the first smoothie I’ve made in months ’cause I usually only make them for summertime. I have a “Junior Smoothie Maker” blender, and after reading about your blender, I’m very dissatisfied with my blender. (and my ice cube tray!!) So, I’m ordering the Blendtec this afternoon. There’s a lot of great ice cream shops near us, and we need to have smoothies instead of ice cream. Need to work on my smoothie recipes and smoothie making technique. chocolate soy powder is strange in a fruit smoothie, so I need to buy some vanilla or unflavored soy.

      Oh, and I’m going to buy the black blender. it’s going to look gorgeous in my new kitchen in Downingtown.

      • KJ on

        Awesome! Spiru-tein makes a vanilla shake mix, as well as a plain one that they mix fruit. They also have some designed to be mixed with fruit that is more citrus-y, but I haven’t ever tried them, so I can’t really recommend them. But they do sell individual packets until you find the ones you like best. Good luck! Enjoy the blender; I have loved mine from the get go.

  3. Meg on

    Bledtec was NOBODY before they started “Will it blend” Yesterday it was just a warehouse full of unsold blenders. Today, the moon.

    • KJ on

      Well, a little marketing goes along way!

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