Dang it! I Want My Key!

After 20 years of trying — sometimes hard, sometimes not so hard — I finally hit my Weight Watchers goal! Yippee! I actually told this poor woman in the locker room all about it as I got on the scale, stared, got back off, got back on, stared, got back off, got back on, stared. Luckily she didn’t just look at me like I was a nut. In fact, she genuinely seemed excited by my childlike display of glee. In fact, she gave me a high-five! Actually, she gave me several. Unbeknown to her (or maybe not given how quickly she jumped into my celebration with me), Tony Robbins uses high-fives as a way to anchor celebration and positive emotion. It was a great reinforcing trigger!

So now I’m thinking, I want my gold key! I wonder if I wrote to Weight Watchers and told them the story if they’d give me one?

So, key or no key, does this mean I get to stop what I’m doing? Not at all. It just means shorter cycles of reduced calories (1200 a day) and longer cycles of increased calories (between 1500-2000 depending on my level of exercise).

Does it mean eating the peanut butter and chocolate croissants? Only when I feel like their power over me has been diminished–in other words, not yet!

Essentially it means that I keep eating what I’ve been eating but only more of it! Sound boring? Not to me. To me, it sounds amazing! Because as Anthony Robbins once said –and I believe it — nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


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