Product Recommendation – Food

I love bread, no doubt about it. My latest discovery is Joseph’s Multigrain Lavash Bread with Flax! Yum! The entire sheet is 100 calories; it’s not only a good source of your Omega 3 Oils, it’s also a great source of fiber and protein! And if you’re counting carbs, either for diet or controlling diabetes, it’s only 4 grams of net carbs!

I typically use them as wraps–filling them with hummus and salad or just simply toasting them as a base for hummus or baba ghanoush!

I also took one to a street vendor the other day (who only had white pita) and asked him fill it up with hummus, shredded vegetables, and falafal! It was heavenly!

And, embarrassingly, when I’m really hungry, I’ll just tear them into strips and eat them straight out of the bag!

This company also makes pita bread: 60 calories for the whole loaf. They are a little on the thin side, but they are great lightly toasted!

I’ve found these particular wraps at BJ’s, and I’ve heard rumors that you can get them at Wal-Mart Super Centers, but the last time I got some, I ordered them on-line from Netrition. They arrived in a day and were still cool! They have a really long shelf life, especially if kept in the fridge! I think it’s up to 8 weeks or something crazy like that.

And if that’s not versatile enough for you, some guy has posted a recipe using them to make cereal!

Time for lunch!

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  1. […] I had my normal spinach salad, topped with two roasted red beets. I paired this with a toasted Lavash slathered in hummus. It was heavenly, filling, teeming with antioxidants, and under 300 calories! […]

  2. […] to be a light meal of wine and cheese; I think I’ll stick with hummus, tabouli, and my favorite lavash (that I had shipped to my parents’ […]

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