Product Recommendation – Myo Tape Measure

Don’t you hate it when people tell you that you shouldn’t pay so much attention to the scale and that you should do something like, say, take your measurements on a regular basis?

How many of you have ever tried taking your own measurements? If you haven’t, it’s only marginally less accurate, or consistent, than having someone else do it for you! But even though it’s hard to do, it is worth doing. But instead of fumbling one handed with a tape measure and trying to remember exactly how loose (or rather, in my case, how tight!) you held it last time, try the Myo Tape! Hands down, it is a huge improvement over any tape measure you may have tried in the past.

Though there’s still room for error, at least you can hold it with one hand and, if you let it, it will keep track of the tension for you!

Now, if you’re not taking measurements, you really might want to consider it (notice I avoided the word should). Because even when you’re not making visible progress on the scale (and I admit that I am as number focused as the next person), you may be making huge improvements on your proportions!

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  1. […] on my flexed bicep (both right and left) and seven inches above each knee at the thigh. I use the Myo Tape Measure, as I find it’s the easiest way to take your measurements on your own and be relatively […]

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