The Office Candy Jar

Most of us have them; they’re typically perched on a desk in the main thruway. I must walk by ours every day at least two dozen times. In the good old days, I used to grab a piece (or two, or three). Luckily, we have hard candy now (as opposed to the mini-Hershey bars that I used to delude myself about) and it’s easier to resist. But I still would pick up my requisite handful (some days one at a time, sometimes two at a time).

I started thinking about it and ran a couple of quick calculations.

The candy in our office candy bowl has approximately 24 calories per piece. Not so bad, right?

If you had one piece of hard candy every work day (252 work days a year), you’re consuming 6,048 calories of refined sugar a year; that’s 1.73 lbs.

But who just eats one? Two pieces a day is 12,096 calories a year: 3.47 lbs.

And my personal favorite (and I’ll stop here)–four pieces a day: 6.91 lbs a year! And that’s from the hard candy–butterscotch, peppermint, cinnamon disk variety that no one really likes. That’s all from stuff that you eat just because it’s there!

I cringe when I think about the years that we had mini-snickers, for example.

Again, let’s look at the numbers for those:

1 a day: 3.24 lbs a year
2 a day: 6.48 lbs a year
4 a day (because they’re really not that big, right?): 12.96 lbs a year!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat them, but just think about it before you pop one into your mouth!

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